Sound Therapy


  • Powerful Instruments for Healing

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    The power of sound to heal the human body and psyche takes us as far back as the ancient civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis – even to the creation of our beautiful planet. As master sound healer Jonathan Goldman once said: Frequency + Intent = Healing. Indeed prayers are sound combined with powerful intention, whether they are whispered, chanted or sung. Sound amplifies the power of prayer.

    Everything in nature is vibrating – at a fast or a slow frequency. The solids you see around you aren’t in fact solid at all; they are matter vibrating very very, very slowly!

    It has now even been scientifically proven that sound can re-arrange molecular structure. To see an illustration of this watch this great YouTube clip on the power of resonance (sound) to create and affect matter: Amazing Resonance Experiment!

    What happens during a sound healing? Depending on the needs of my client – who is always fully clothed – I intuitively use a selection of the following instruments: rattles, chimes, whistles, Tibetan prayer wheel, tuning forks – and my very precious gongs for a wonderfully healing sound bath experience.

Crystal Therapy


  • Crystal healing

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    Crystals and stones have magnetic properties that can draw illness and disharmony from your subtle energy body and so in turn heal the physical and return it to a state of stasis (balance). Thanks to their special geometric patterns, crystals can connect to universal energy vibrations and create profound healing via their unique electromagnetic charge.

    I intuitively select crystals that have the properties my client may need at the time, for example calming, protective, energising… and place them on my client (who remains fully clothed). I often place the crystals along the seven main chakras to balance these subtle energy centres and bring peace and deep relaxation.

    Benefits of crystal healing

    You may experience some or all of the following:

    * Deep mental and physical relaxation

    * Inner peace

    * Refreshed

    * Chakra balancing

    * Greater clarity

    * Increased feeling of being in the body.

    * Enhances meditation

Healing therapy

  • Reconnective Energy Healing

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    What is (reconnective) energy healing? When we experience emotional and mental stress, and especially any kind of physical or emotional trauma it can create blockages in the energy fields of our bodies. These blockages are held at a deep cellular level and can inhibit our ability to fulfil our life purpose and live life at our full potential and capacity.

    Reconnective energy healing helps to heal the body and the mind by clearing these blocks and rebalancing your ‘chi’ or energy. This clearing enables your body and mind to come into balance again and so facilitate its intuitive ability to heal itself. We become more open to spirit; to listening to our own inner guidance and create more harmony in our lives. Energy follows thought.

    I highly recommend reading Dr Masaru Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages in Water where he explains how the structure of water crystals change shape according to our thoughts. Here is an amazing clip of his work: Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto

    What happens during an energy healing? As with sound healing, you will be fully clothed and I will work on you energetically (hands off) as you lie warm and comfortable on my healing table. Or if you prefer you may sit in a comfortable chair.

  • The Assemblage Point

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    This is the centre of the energy system of the human body. Everyone has one, but it is a fact that many people have not even heard of the Assemblage Point, which is crucial to our physical and psychological health, well-being and happiness. It affects everything about us – our health, emotions, brain power, ability to interact with others and the world, our beliefs and decisions, our confidence and enthusiasm, our spirituality and, particularly, our feelings about ourselves. If it is out of alignment it can cause unnecessary suffering and ill health. The human body is a complex electrical system and the Assemblage Point, in the centre of the chest, is the very crux of that system. When it is in the right place we feel happy and positive, and interact well with others and our world. If it is out of alignment we may feel unwell, lacking in energy, depressed and anxious, and that life is a struggle.

    The Assemblage Point can shift out of alignment due to increased stress, a road accident which jolts the whole energy field, a prolonged illness, a traumatic incident, an operation, a change in relationship or divorce, a bereavement, a bad fall, or any such serious life situation which knocks us “off balance”. Then it is quite likely that the Assemblage Point has shifted and caused this change for the worse.

    Obviously it is very beneficial to have your Assemblage Point re-aligned by someone trained to do this, so that life will once again flow in the very best manner. I feel this is a most important step towards harmonising the human being on all levels, as, if the Assemblage Point is not correctly aligned this will be preventing the person from completely healing and living life to their fullest potential.

    The Assemblage Point re-alignment takes only 10-15 minutes and I am adding it into Jane’s Healings and Sound Waves that take place here preferably in my Sanctuary at home, but I can also accommodate elsewhere if and when required

    Almost universally people feel a profound difference when the Assemblage Point has been correctly re-aligned. It enhances the effectiveness of any other therapy, and other treatments seem to work better and last longer when this re-alignment has been done.

    If you feel that your Assemblage Point is either slightly or seriously out of alignment in some way, and/or that there may be fragments of it that need to be brought back to the centre do contact me.

  • Transformational Bodywork

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    Transformational Bodywork anchors in high energies, raises vibrations, clears, balances and aligns Auras and Chakras, attunes to Ascended Masters and Archangels, connects to higher self and even higher dimensions. It clears blockages from this and past lives and strengthens intuition and higher faculties (telepathy, inner knowing, sensing other dimensions).

    Transformational Bodywork is an amalgamation of many transformational and healing energies that Charmian Winser (Founder) has learned over a lifetime’s experience. It is a powerful tool for spiritual development and furthering your enlightenment. The intention is to bring in high energies to uplift the person and raise and align the whole energy system.

    We work closely with Ascended Masters and the Angelic realms. Transformational Bodywork will attune you to some of these beings who wish to work with you and who may channel help and guidance for you. It also connects you to higher levels of yourself and other energies that you may need.

    Transformational Bodywork is usually given lying fully clothed on a couch. The whole Auric field is normally included (Auras being subtle bodies) in a session, and you may also receive a multi-dimensional healing. These work on the root cause of any misalignments. Often Chakras receive a realignment and/or raising of vibrations.

    Also a past life incident may come up to be dealt with or an implant or attachment may be cleared. You may receive an attunement.

    Information is usually received regarding your present state and pointers to help your life direction. If appropriate, the Masters will bring through teaching.

    Your higher dimensional self and your guides will have decided with your practitioner’s team of guides and helpers what you need to receive from a session. This will, of course, include any help which you are aware that you need. Transformational Bodywork can be very powerful. Although you may initially want to be quiet for an hour or two after a treatment, you will be integrating changes for up to several days.

    If you feel drawn to learn Transformational Bodywork please contact me, as I am qualified to teach this most rewarding Course..


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    The period of time spent attending these Courses (Intermediate – Cosmic) was one of the happiest times of my spiritual life to date. I was so incredibly lucky with a wonderful tutor (but then I always have been so blessed) Clare Glennon. We had loads of fun, laughter, cake from the Deli, etc. whilst Metatron laughed with us and I’m sure tasted the cakes supplied by the local Patissier in Abingdon.

    Metatron led me to his teachings, and away when he realized I needed no more, but promised to be always here for me when I need him. His frequencies fold down from the 11th dimension levels to meet us on our dimensional level, wherever we are. When he knows we are ready, he is there for us.

    What I so enjoy is knowing that he and Sandolphon were brothers on this earth (according to legend) and that Sandolphon was Elijah and Metatron Enoch. Then they were summoned to Heaven. I have the remarkable fortune to work with them both, and with the Universe. Metatron now sits on the right side of God, and is God’s right hand. He apparently can now look God straight in the eye. As he is evolving so is he assisting us with our own evolution. He seems to be always at my side to assist and help me, showing me what next he will “put on my plate”, and how he requires me to munch it!

    Metatron’s work is best known through his elimination of “the story”. This is brought about by a form of spiritual arrangement combining light and energy.

    His amazing healing includes aura cleansing, spiritual surgery, and colour. This brings about a deep life change from a cellular level. Angelic invocation brings in alignment with the body’s energies, releasing physical and emotional blockages and embuing the body with a new life force.

    Metatron is a great time keeper and he seems to be ceaselessly around for my scheduling powers, and mostly he keeps me calm under pressure, motivating me to use that wretched schedule wisely.

    His energy is immense, it can feel as though a vortex has opened and you are being lifted, and of course he wants to be with each of us. Speak to him, think about him as though he is a friend and of course he is, and wants to be with each of us.

    In addition to all of this, he also wants us to cherish ourselves and bring peace to our hearts and cells and to all those we love, and to the world at large.

    Metatron has indicated to me how he would like me to spread his healings, which I have had huge delight in doing through the Psychic Fayres, at The Healing Weekends, in my Sanctuary etc. for some long while now.

    Do please contact me if you would like to reward your Mind and Body, releasing negativity and replenishing with Peace, Calm and Serenity.

Did you find a therapy for you?

If for any reason you are unsure or if you would like to discuss and get to know me a little before you make a decision please feel free to contact me by any means, you can call, email me anytime.

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Energy Sound & Healings is healing With Sound and Energy for Body and Mind for both Physical or Emotional traumas stress and tension that create blockages in the energy fields we all hold in our bodies

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