I had two reconnective healing sessions with Jane, they were amazing and effective experiences, the healing is really gentle though powerful.

It helps me to heal at spiritual and emotional levels. I had tried several healings for years. and I can say that this might be the most effective one.
Jane is really experienced and understanding. she offers useful suggestions and a warm and friendly support. She is always there and I can send her emails or contact her by phone. She always gives me suggestions that always work.
Honestly, I really feel (or believe) that I am lucky to have Jane as the practitioner for this effective healing. her experience and wisdom makes the experience of healing worthwhile and rich.

Dear Jane, Sound waves, gong baths - really, what's that all about? I took up Jane's kind invitation and found myself completely mesmerised by the extraordinary variety of sounds she uses in her therapy sessions

- layer upon layer of sound being delivered by all sorts of interesting devices - and the effect is quite hypnotic. I am glad I chose the loud option for the gong though - what a majestic instrument - the sound was really incredible - loud for sure, but very subtle too. I felt so relaxed at the end - as if I had just enjoyed a really good massage. In reality I suspect that's exactly what happened - the sound waves in all their variety are just gently massaging in the most subtle but effective way.Thanks for soup lunch - it was just right and quite delicious. That chef you have in residence is really quite good - please pass on my compliments!

Dear Jane, I do not know whether you remember me,but I came to you for a treatment in Weymouth on 29th October 2011. I have to praise your reconnective and the healing you also introduced were both very beneficial and awe inspiring with amazing images being recieved during the therapy sesssion and I actually felt any negative energies, lower vibrations being removed and replaced with positive energy, higher vibrations.

I gained more clarity, focus and createivity during and after the treatment which is truely long lasting and definitely now know what my entry point to my true purpose in life is. This combined with the energy and balance gain has left me with a lasting sense of well being and self worth. This is truely an amazing alternative therapy which I would recomend to anyone to participate in and keep an open mind about the therapy to gain the most from the therapy. You are a very talented therapist in this area of healing and I wish you every success in the future in helping more people to live postive lives.

I will definitely seek you out again for another treatement session.

With kind regards and best wishes for the future

I went to see Jane for a healing about 3 weeks ago, for a long standing anxiety and depression problem. I had been seeking a healing for over 20 years, visiting many therapists and healers, but nothing worked.

The session started with a long chat to Jane about the problem. After that I had the healing which left me feeling very relaxed. I found there to be a lovely atmosphere in Jane's house and she was very warm and kind. I went away feeling hopeful, but as I had been to so many healers I was still not sure what would come of it.

A few days later the depression started to lift! and I felt lighter.

Many other positive changes have happened since the healing session, so I would say without a doubt that this has helped me.

will definitely be going back for a second session with Jane in the near future.

After suffering from Asthma since childhood and taking medication on a daily basis, I was looking for an alternative solution.
I visited Jane for a healing session, and from the start she made me feel welcome, calm and relaxed. Her treatment room had positive energy, as did Jane.

I found the treatment to be quite incredible and entered a deeply relaxed state, during which I experienced what seemed like hundreds of rods of light entering my body.
After the session Jane informed me that she had used a combination of Metatronic and Reconnective healing.
Seven months have now passed since my visit to Jane.
Thanks to her amazing ability as a healer, and my continuing spiritual development, my breathing has significantly improved, and I have not taken my inhaler since the treatment.

My 86 year old husband had a very nasty virus which wouldn't heal, needing 3 lots of antibiotics. When he was taking his third lot I was in touch with Jane about something else and she offered to send him some distance healing.

She did this for 2 nights running and he was significantly better both evenings and had better nights and was better in himself during the day. The third afternoon he took his final dose of antibiotic and after about 30-40 minutes felt unwell and felt grim all evening and had a poor night's rest, just like he was before Jane started her distant healings, in fact.

Another unexpected side effect concerned his eyes. Forty years ago he had walked into a virus which scarred the near vision in one eye and from then on he had to use artificial tears as he didn't produce enough of his own.

During the first healing both eyes filled with tears and this has repeated itself each time when Jane has sent him healing. In fact, one day he came downstairs to me and told me that Jane must be sending him healing as his eyes were running again. And they were, I could see the moisture dripping off his chin! When I checked my emails, there was one from Jane telling me that she had sent him healing!

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