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Sound Healing & Gong Bath

Everything in nature is vibrating, Sound bath experience

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective energy healing helps to heal the body and the mind

The Assemblage Point

One of the most fascinating aspects of every human being

Transformational Bodywork

Raises vibrations, clears, balances and aligns chakras


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Don Conreaux, "We are asking that people play the gong or listen to this video. The idea is to have this healing vibration played all around the world. So pass this video on to friends in all countries. Here are a few of the people that will be gonging: Harijiwan, Guru Ravi Kaur, Dharam Singh, Hargobind and many others"

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Sound waves, gong baths - really, what's that all about? I took up Jane's kind invitation and found myself completely mesmerized by the extraordinary variety of sounds she uses in her therapy sessions - layer upon layer of sound being delivered by all sorts of interesting devices - and the effect is quite hypnotic.

CP Chez Toi

I went to see Jane for a healing about 3 weeks ago, for a long standing anxiety and depression problem. I had been seeking a healing for over 20 years, visiting many therapists and healers, but nothing worked.

Teresa, Somerset

My 86 year old husband had a very nasty virus which wouldn't heal, needing 3 lots of antibiotics. When he was taking his third lot I was in touch with Jane about something else and she offered to send him some distance healing.

Em, Dorset

About Energy Sound & Healings

Energy Sound & Healings is healing With Sound and Energy for Body and Mind for both Physical or Emotional traumas stress and tension that create blockages in the energy fields we all hold in our bodies

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