My life so far has been a series of incredible adventures… both personal and professional. I’ve been so lucky and experienced severe challenges and moments of bliss – which have taught me that we can always trust our intuition, and that gratitude and following our heart’s whispers can lead us to extraordinary places – inside and out.

As a former successful business owner working in London, I moved with my husband to Somerset in 1993 and felt a calling into discovering more about myself, which led me to study Healing and later Sound Healing. Firstly I was trained by the NFSH (The Healing Trust), and this was followed by a number of amazing teachers and modalities, including Dr. Rosie Daniels, William Bloom, Jill Purce, Dr Eric Pearl, Daphne Johnston, Brandon Bays, Philippa Merivale, and Charmian Winser, Debbi Walker and Sheila Whittaker. My healing practice, almost always with hands off, has become increasingly powerful yielding profound and lasting results. And I’ve noticed that my own life and relationships – especially my relationship with my Self – have transformed beyond all recognition. I feel truly blessed and I am so grateful.

When people ask me about my Healing work, I tell them I am a messenger – a vessel of God. I am simply a conduit for divine, angelic transforming energy, which has the power to heal your mind, body and spirit at a deep cellular level. Using the power of sound, colour, energy intuition and crystals my healing facilitates a profound release of the emotional charge around collected traumas, childhood and otherwise, which can often hold us back from fulfilling our purpose here on Earth.

My own healing journey has given me so much, it is my deepest wish to share my gifts with others and so help them transform their lives – from the inside out, to feel integrated, whole and in alignment with Source.
You can visit me here at home in my dedicated healing sanctuary near Yeovil. I also give sessions at Fayres, Clinics and Centres across Dorset and Somerset. Having 4 splendid wheels I am also able to travel further afield. I look forward to guiding you and facilitating your own journey back ‘home’.

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Please feel free to contact me anyway and any time and I will endeavour to help and advise where possible

About Energy Sound & Healings

Energy Sound & Healings is healing With Sound and Energy for Body and Mind for both Physical or Emotional traumas stress and tension that create blockages in the energy fields we all hold in our bodies

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